Red Hot Buses

(advice for Wendy Cope)

some bloody men are blood hot buses
cruising the road down a one-track mind
always looking for a perfect pickup
to go all the way to their station home

the destinations never clearly stated
a non-stop service is their promised offer
you start the ride and pay your fare
but before you know it the route has changed

you’re dropped off quick smart into the dark
as another ascends to take your seat -
a far better choice is to ride a bike,
enjoy the fresh air and get off at ease

Richard Scutter 22 September 2009


A token life

they do not sigh, pass-judgement,
back-talk, or give that evil eye
but flash bright forever their acceptance
passive, with patience unlimited,
they wait disciplined in gaudy rows
a friendly arm outstretched for contact.

but if they could speak they would
say that the kids are unattended,
that the glass has been filled by
the food they planned to buy, and that
the sun is shining outside, and that time
is devalued by a token life.

Richard Scutter 24 December 2009

Footnote ... Australia has the highest number of poker machines than any other country on a per capita basis.