An Ode to Dora

Oh Dora you are so adorable
Oh Dora I love you so
Oh Dora I really adore ya
How I adore dear Dora so

Every day I want much more of ya
How much more of ya - I don’t quite know
All I know Dora, is that I adore ya
Oh how I adore my dear dora so

Richard Scutter 14 March 2007

Ode - 2 B a Poet

oh 2 B a poet
or not to B, there is no question

oh 2 B a poet
oh to write real good
oh to share my little life
and be part understood

I’m supposed to be amusing
so a musing I do go
But the Goddess is not with me
And thoughts they just don’t flow

Oh I’m no Shakespeare, Byron, Blake
I’m me you see
just me, you see -
so this is what you‘ll have to take

Richard Scutter 14 March 2007

Six Of The Best

Dad said …
‘I deserve six of the best’

Well … I am tempted
I pass them in the aisle
They are noted but dismissed
I’m made of stronger stuff!

Days go by, weeks, even months
Their voices crescendo
They clamour for attention
But my trolley glides past

Then the fateful day arrives
I remember Dad’s words …
Yes – I have been good
Yes … yes I will!

Sitting on a plate now
Sparkled and asking for it
Wholesome – well they’re not
In each a hole they’ve got

Then the mud cracked first break
Coffee sip for company
Down to a sensuous death
Bumper bliss appreciation
Continue chocolate keeps the taste
Fingers mop-lick flaky waste

Next the strawberry ones – well,
They never really taste the same!

Only the yellow iced remain
What flavour could they be?
I’ll have a try … and see
Pineapple – baby-poo yellow!

Evidence must be effaced
Lemming last is grimly gobbled
Falls to the full reception
Of a guilty voice within …
‘You couldn’t stop yourself, could you!’

Six in one sitting is such sickly sin -
‘I had six of the best
…and got what I deserved’

Richard Scutter 9 August 2006

Him Music

P-plater blast box
hears only the sound
the beat of his heart

squeezed out
notes escape to fresh air
her song is not his

© Richard Scutter 11 October 2006


well they have none
and did you hear their language
like well like – like nothing
and the clothes they don’t wear
and when they come into your shop
you can bet they want something for nothing
and their children are so … what is the word – clingy,
no, they aren’t educated like us gentlemen and ladies

© Richard Scutter 8 November 2006

The Game of Life

Take ten words, your choice –


Your shuffle
Your play


© Richard Scutter 8 November 2006

Your Cake

Mum and Dad gave you the cake-tin
unique, with no use-by date stamped
ingredients had to be collected
taken to pre-school, school followed
then encouraged to university
to reach the top shelf where
they thought you would be made
and blossom, at least be their flower
the mixture not quite right though
and with the oven just warming
your eggs had to be broken then added
a friend came to stir with you
good fruit turned before your eyes
new cake-tins popped out on the table
but always your mixture, your cake
and when taken from the oven
what will it taste like
and who will you give it to

© Richard Scutter 8 November 2006

Shaking it up

(dedicated to women beautiful)

the Sheik has a point
if she on the beach is obese
picks her nose, shouts at the kids
the other blond and performs cartwheels in the nothing
which is the one more likely to get it -
covering is preventative caution

but where does it end
what about those eyes
I mean they can be pretty appealing

indeed, they are absolutely beautiful
and at times totally beguiling …
… well a thought …

perhaps a little personal periscope
turn them into skirted Darleks …
and then there will be no more rapes

exactly right (in Darlek voice)

© Richard Scutter 8 November 2006